to the new global social network
in mixed reality

Here you can enjoy virtual and hybrid events and grow both personally and professionally in your own country or abroad

As our world is rapidly becoming more digital because of the pandemic, the need to gather both physically and virtually has increased. Besides that the digital world is offering lots of opportunities to grow your talents and business more faster and efficient. 

During the Global Social Network events you can gather with your family, friends, collegues, clients, businesspartners and make new relationships without the need to travel. We offer free, ticketed and sponsored events in virtual venues and worlds. We are also developing new memberships.

The Global Social Network is a XR-platform for social events in virtual words. With our services, creative concepts and the XR-solutions of innovative XR-tech companies we support your talents, brands,  businesses and organisations to grow glocally in both the physical and virtual world. 

We believe that only together we can make the world better and achieve the SDG’s of the United Nations in 2030. That’s why we also work in co-creation and co-fouding to organize virtual and hybrid events for everyone, anywhere!   

Interested about how Yourvrconnector can help you, your brand or business grow with XR (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality)?