to the First Global Network in the digital world!

At this moment the world needs lots of creative solutions and one of them is to connect globally in the Virtual World to fasten economic growth together!

The Global Network is founded during the Pandemic:
- for ambitious business owners and managers
- to facilitate international business networking
- to explore new ways to accelerate organizations
- to stay ahead from their competition

In the digital era, we can reach our target group all over the world. But this is far more successful when you have an international network of business partners with whom you can grow together and create win-win situations.
Besides that, it's necessary to have local support for your activities.

Are you ready to join?

We meet up every week on Thursday in both the virtual world in AltspaceVR and in Zoom
from 7.00-9.00 PM CET.

6.45 - 7.00 Walk-in
7.00-7.05 Opening remarks
7.05-7.45 Innovation presentations
7.45 - 8.00 Q&A
8.00-9.00 Networking in AltspaceVR and Zoom

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Benefits of the global network events


You can not be infected or infect others with COVID-19 and it is a great new way to meet new people from all over the world.


To connect, socialize and work in a virtual world, is a sustainable way and reduces carbon footprint and disposables


You can easily reach out to like minded people from all over the world in 160 countrYou need a good internet connection of course or VR headset. Please check the requirements in AltspaceVR: https://altvr.com/get-altspacevr/

Save costs

You can attend free and reasonably priced virtual meetups, events and trainings without the need to book a hotel, trip, flight, drive and park your car and spend money on food and beverages.


Your can connect easy and reach out to a new international business contacts


You can attend the events from everywhere without travelling or risk


We are searching for ambassadors that want to test, present or perform in our business meetups to be organised on Friday the 8th, 15th, 22th and the 29th of May from 4.00-6.00 PM CEST in English in AltspaceVR.
We launch our first international in Business Meetup on Friday the 5th of June from 4.00-6.00 PM CEST in English in AltspaceVR
"I believe that we can make the world better together every hour by sharing, collaboration and bringing ones uniqueness or resources globally accessible no matter where or who you are and by connecting human to human all over the world."

My mission is to help and try to make the world better, every hour and empower people and companies globally.

My vision is that international business should become more equitable, inclusive, sustainable, coronaproof, faster, cheaper and accessible by using Immersive Technology and using a 24/7 global network in the Virtual world connecting decision makers, professionals and students globally.
Christel Teurlings
Social Entrepreneur
Let's achieve the 17 sustainable goals from the United Nations in 2030 together and make the world better every hour!


Please reach out to info@virtual-reality.nu

I hope to see you soon in the real or virtual world